Behind the Story

This article originally was published on Alli Sinclair’s blog – Dave at MI6, London, with his own spy, Eva Destruction   Today I’m happy to introduce you to a writer who I’ve known for a very long time – forty-six years, in fact. I could give you an introduction from a sisterly point of view … Read more

City of Literature, City of Books: The Libraries of Melbourne’s CBD

20131126_113327_anne_vignetteLove a library, me.  I mean, how could you not?  An endless supply of the possible and impossible, all within your reach, neatly organised for your personal edification.  How many lifetimes would you need to give it a decent going over?  Well, it depends on the library, doesn’t it?

I work in the city of Melbourne, and to say I’m spoilt for choice is an understatement.  Within just a couple of blocks I have access to four amazing libraries.  There’s a reason Melbourne was chosen by U.N.E.S.C.O as a city of literature (here).

In writing this blog, I visited them all.  Each one had its own story to tell… 

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Dressed to Kill

Is it possible to write a crime story in under one thousand words?   I thought I’d try and find out. “Smyth, with a P,” I said urgently. Behind the rope the Neanderthal checked his clipboard and furrowed his brow, which appeared to be his default expression.  He gave the distinct impression of someone that … Read more

Coffee in Melbourne – an obsession

There are many things certain Melbournians refuse to take seriously; politicians, public transport timetables, Adelaide.  But there is one thing we do take deadly seriously – our coffee. I’m not sure how it started, but the city is obsessed.  We’re bordering on fanatical now.  A recent survey* found that within 18 months, every second business … Read more