The Mason Nash Series

The Mason Nash Series

Retired spy. Trained killing machine. Pacifist.

Retired MI6 spy Mason Nash moved to a sleepy English town so he could leave his former violent life behind.

He soon learns that past transgressions have a way of catching up with you.

When hired killers invade his peaceful new existence Nash is forced to fall back on his old ways to find out who sent assassins after him and why.

What he uncovers sends him on a globetrotting quest involving old friends, a new clandestine spy agency and a world-wide conspiracy where no one is quite who they seem.

Nash finds out how hard it is to adhere to non-violent ways when everyone is trying to kill you.

A page burner of a novel full of action and wit, Past Transgressions is definitely not your regular espionage thriller.

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On the hunt. On the run.

Mason Nash thought he’d retired from the spy game until a new and deadly private spy agency, Tartarus, came to hunt him down.

When Nash discovers Tartarus have double agents in every legitimate spy agency on the planet there’s only one place he can go – into the shadows.

On the run, Nash has few he can trust. Is his new ally Eva Destruction everything she appears to be?

And then there’s the new arrival, Charles Bishop, a man with a past even darker than Nash’s.

Together they battle forces around the globe to take down the malevolent organisation before it becomes too big to stop. Can Nash and his team must turn the tables and hunt the very shadows sent to kill them?

A full throttle thriller, Shadow Hunting will keep you turning pages well into the night.

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All good things come to an end. What about evil ones?

Mason Nash was retired. He was a pacifist. He was trying to be a good man.
Then Tartarus came after him.

The clandestine private spy agency has now made Mason and his partners – Eva Destruction and Charles Bishop – the most wanted ex-spies on the planet.

Nash and his small team must fight not only the increasingly malevolent organisation but every legitimate secret service agency, including their own beloved MI6.

As they race across the globe to stop the malicious head of Tartarus they realise the leader has a much more personal connection to them than any of them realised.

This fast-paced thriller is the final chapter in the Mason Nash series and a novel no reader of Sinclair’s novels can miss this thrilling end.

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