Atticus Wolfe is a man out of time.

As an MI6 spy in 1963, Atticus Wolfe should be enjoying everything the swinging sixties has to offer.

But he’s not.

That’s because Atticus Wolfe is from the 21st century.

Accidentally torn from present day and flung into 1960s London in the midst of a cultural revolution, Atticus must acclimatise to a time not his own.

Although he’s shocked by bigotry decades out of step with his sensibilities, not everything is unfamiliar – like finding a mole inside MI6.

Atticus must take down a clandestine Soviet agent on the front lines of the Cold War, hunt the terrorist who inadvertently sent him back in time and maybe, just maybe, find a way home.

But as the adventure continues Atticus realises his presence has not gone unnoticed.

With every corrective action he makes pushing the world closer to the brink, Atticus must work with friends and enemies alike to stave off all-out nuclear war between the superpowers.

With over 850 pages of fast-paced adventures with whip smart dialogue and twists you won’t see coming, the Atticus Wolfe Collection is like no spy series you’ve read before.

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You’ve never met a spy like this before!

MI6 spy Charles Bishop flies headfirst into intrigue, gun battles and assassinations. He’s on the hunt for a mysterious and powerful arms-dealing organisation named Kali—and they have him squarely in their sights.

Along the way he confronts his mysterious past, battles internal demons and falls for a mysterious woman who may just be the death of him.

Fast-paced with whip-smart dialogue and twists at every turn, the Charles Bishop Collection is the very definition of unputdownable.

With over 700 pages of full throttle mayhem, it will have you reading well into the night. Strap in, you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Note to the reader, the events in the Charles Bishop Collection take place before those in the Eva Destruction series.

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Meet Eva Destruction, the only thing quicker than her mouth is her talent for getting into trouble.

It’s true she’s always had an eye for a bad boy, but when she falls for billionaire super-villain Harry Lancing, it seems that even Eva may have bitten off more than she can chew. As the odds begin to stack up in Lancing’s favour, the fate of the world lies in Eva’s hands. Luckily for the world, Eva Destruction isn’t the type of girl to let a super-villain ex-boyfriend with a massive ego, unlimited resources, and his own secret island, get the better of her.

A trilogy in four parts, The Eva Destruction Collection combines three full exhilarating Eva Destruction novels and one Eva Destruction novella in an explosive collection. Well over 1000 pages of pedal-to-the-metal action and whip-smart dialogue, this box set will keep you reading well into the night.

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