The Charles Bishop series

The Charles Bishop series (3 books)

You’ve never met a spy like this before!

When the Turkish ambassador crashes his car in central London, the incident launches an unforeseeable series of catastrophic events—and a naked body. MI6 spy Charles Bishop flies headfirst into intrigue, gun battles and assassinations.

He’s on the hunt for a mysterious and powerful arms-dealing organisation named Kali—and they have him squarely in their sights. Along the way he falls for a mysterious woman who may just be the death of him.

Fast-paced with whip-smart dialogue and twists at every turn, Kiss My Assassin is the very definition of unputdownable.

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Bishop returns, and this time its personal.

When Bishop’s former mentor threatens to instigate a nuclear war, the MI6 agent dives headlong into a deeply personal mission where nothing is quite what it seems.

Racing across China with enemy hounds snapping at his heels, Bishop is forced to confront not only a relentless adversary, but also demons from his own past.

Full-throttle action, snappy dialogue and twists at every turn, Agent Provocateur will have you turning pages late into the night.

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Bishop returns and nothing is as it appears.

Off the coast of Norway an abandoned container ship is discovered, its crew slain, and the only clue is a photo knifed to a bulkhead. A photo of Charles Bishop with a note that reads, “It’s all my fault”.

Bishop leaps into an investigation that takes him from the frozen climes of Scandinavia, to the sun-drenched shores of Venice and the chaotic streets of Istanbul for a final fatal encounter.

With his own personal history catching up with him in the most violent way possible, Bishop will be forced to confront his past to save the present.

An all-out adventure with fast-paced dialogue, with deception at every turn, Venetian Blonde is unputdownable.

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