Conversations with a hit man

It’s not every day you get to have a chat with a self confessed hit man.  But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  Well, sort of.  Let me explain… I have a couple of personal email addresses.  I have a Hotmail one basically for orders, newsletters and recently, spam.  I don’t know why, but all … Read more

Hammett, Bogart, and Me

I’m guest slutting blogging this week over at Novel Adventurers blog. It’s all about travel, noir, bars and writing. No ninjas this week, sorry. Check it out –

Dave Vs Dave – The Decider

Well, I thought it was over.  I thought it was all done with…..  But nope.  There is still more to this tale.  For one, apparently I’m famous and on The Age website – checkit here – WHAT?  How did that happen? And secondly, I hadn’t heard the last of Mr Thorne, despite our last chat … Read more

Dave Vs David – The Conclusion!

A few of you have been asking did I receive my book from Mr Thorne – in reference to our elongated discussions (here).  The simple and short answer is – no.  This is despite numerous more emails to the Davemiester, as I’m sure nobody calls him.  In fact things took a very interesting turn indeed. … Read more

Dave Vs David – Dave wins!

  I do like it when people are shaken from their humdrum existence and shown a slanted view of the world.  There are a few reasons for this, and only one of them is being able to use the word humdrum.   As mentioned on this blog before (here) I do like it when your … Read more

Smells Like Getting Old

There is a defining feature we have as human beings.  We will get old.  You’re getting older. I’m getting older. Just sitting here, reading this blog – we’re getting older.  To be honest, I don’t feel old.  I can tell you when I will though.  I can tell you the exact date in fact – … Read more

Dave’s Guide To Building Your Own Cult

So you’ve decided to start your own cult. Well done to you.  There’s plenty of benefits and fun to be had.  You’ll meet new friends, plus with any luck, they won’t all have to die.  You’ll amass a fortune in accepting gifts from your followers in the form of money, dole cheques and property (not … Read more

Idiot’s View on Writers Festivals

  During the last couple of weeks I attended the Melbourne Writers Festival. There were some highlights, (here) and (here), but there were also some, shall we say, lasting niggles. These are probably common to writers festivals the world over and can drive the mocha- decaf-latte set into a tizzy. So, I thought I’d share … Read more