Dave Vs Dave – The Decider

Well, I thought it was over.  I thought it was all done with…..  But nope.  There is still more to this tale.
 For one, apparently I’m famous and on The Age website – checkit here – WHAT?  How did that happen?
And secondly, I hadn’t heard the last of Mr Thorne, despite our last chat (here) and our first tete-a-tate (here).  I recieved an email from Daveyboy yesterday.  Despite calling me a liar and a fame hound last time, he seems ever so slightly conciliatory.  Read on!


From: twentysevenbslash6@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Your payment to David Thorne
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 07:54:16 -0400
To: Dave
Hello Dave,


It would seem that I owe you an apology. 
When we changed distributors, 116 orders from several thousand were not fulfilled and it would appear yours was one of them.
My assumption was that these had been completed. And you know what they say about assumptions.
While it would possibly be a cunning plan to trick 116 people out of their hard earned $22.95 and live like a king, this is not the case.
I have only this week received the previous distributors shipping list.
The website relies on people like yourself who purchase products to keep the site going and repaying your support with delayed orders was nobody’s intention.
I have sent a request to Kimberly to issue a refund and have ordered you a book gratis. 
I am currently in the US and she handles that side of things. Your order number for the gratis copy is below.

I count that as a win, but a hollow one.

Seek first to understand is always a good motto.  The guy’s called me a liar on a basis less stable than a drunken monkey on a tricycle.  When he finally realised his error (hey, it’s only been since March) he apologises with an email and an attempt at some lame jokes.  OK, fair enough, he owned up to his mistakes and apologised.  Fine, I can accept that.  If the guy’s big enough to take it on the chin, then I can let it go.  But there’s just one small point to be made.

The guy is still, in the words of many of my illustrious readers, a douche.

Anyone want a free book?  Anyone?